Long Wave Series 2 | dublab

The second series of Long Wave [editions 2.1 to 2.12] , a radio show hosted by Mike Harding, will be on the second Friday of each month, 2-4pm PST on dublab, based in Los Angeles


2.3 12th February - Edwin Pouncey

2.2 8th January - Interview with Lagowski [Edited by Andrew Lagowski]


2.1 11th December - Interview with Simon Scott

[Meanwhile the first series will be rebroadcast on Resonance Extra and will go out in Brighton & Hove on a new smallscale DAB trial starting 1st December (and on line).


Conference at UCSB MAT, Santa Barbara | 7th December 2015

Engineering Science Building
Room 2001



Touch presents... Live in Los Angeles | 11th September 2015

8:00PM - 11:00PM Nightly, Workshop 12:00PM - 4:00PM, $20 - $70
VOLUME and LACE present the second Resonant Forms festival
for three days from September 11 - 13, 2015

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions [LACE]
6522 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Simon Scott
Bethan Parkes
Jen Boyd
Mike Harding [live mix]



Dublab Radio | Los Angeles 9th September 2015

Elevation Through Sound

Mike Harding hosts the show with Alejandro Cohen for Dublab Radio's Elevation Through Sound at 10am on 9th September 2015

In this fifth episode of a new series, Mike talks to Yann Novak and Bethan Parkes



Procedure | Los Angeles 25th August 2015

For more information...


Dublab Radio | Los Angeles 24th June 2015

Elevation Through Sound

Mike Harding hosts the show with Alejandro Cohen for Dublab Radio's Elevation Through Sound at 10am on 24th June 2015

In this fourth episode of a new series, Mike talks to Paul Haslinger and Hamlet Sarkissian

You can listen to an archive of this show here



Touch presents... Live at Elephant | Los Angeles 21st June 2015

VOLUME is pleased to present an evening of outdoor performances by Touch-related artists curated by Mike Harding.

Elephant 3325 Division St. Los Angeles, CA 90065
$5 Doors 5pm Bar

Yann Novak
OFFING [Chris Duncan]
Mike Harding (live mix)



Falmouth University Music Dept. | 2nd - 6th February 2015

SONVA Winter Fest week

Sonva is a Cornish word meaning a ‘place of sound’ and is the name of the Research Group and the Music community at large at Falmouth University.

From analogue to digital…and back?

Mike Harding introduces Touch (1982-2015+), an art project which has witnessed much change in the world of sound and its relationship not only to art but also how the “real world” of studios, record stores and distribution has changed; how perception of the role of artists, now largely dominated by public funding, has shifted. He will look at the way artists have adapted to working in a digital environment (even if the essence of the work is analogue) and how they see themselves and their role, and also the role the growing number of female artists has played and the influence this is having on the artistic community.

He will look specifically at the work of Chris Watson, Jana Winderen, Hildur Gudnadottir, BJNilsen, Philip Jeck and Christian Fennesz, all artists with whom he has a long-standing relationship. Mike will also discuss copyright and the realities of a world where music has virtually lost all monetary value, and how this unfolded. He will also look at what can go wrong, often more illustrative than what goes right, with an historical glance at the incompatibilities of the laws and digital technology...

Mike will also introduce the students to “freq_out”, a project created and curated by CM von Hausswolff, which asks them to participate in a collaborative frequency experiment which will be presented by them at the end of the period.

Falmouth University


Dublab Radio | Los Angeles 21st January 2015

Elevation Through Sound

Mike Harding hosts the show with Alejandro Cohen for Dublab Radio's Elevation Through Sound at 10am on 21st January 2015

In this third episode of a new series, Mike talks to Myke Dodge Weiskopf and BJNilsen



Dublab Radio | Los Angeles 3rd December 2014

Elevation Through Sound

Mike Harding hosts the show with Alejandro Cohen for Dublab Radio's Elevation Through Sound at 10am on 3rd December 2014

In this second episode of a new series, Mike talks to Richard Chartier (LINE, pinkcourtesyphone)

You can listen to this episode here



Bulgarian TV | 25th October 2014

Appearing on national television in Sofia with Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Pepa Ivanova before a lecture at the University of Sofia


Start viewing at 35:05...


AxS Festival, Pasadena | 27th September 2014

Mike Harding is appearing at the Axs Festival, Pasaena, California at 730pm on Saturday 27th September

Visuals: Jon Wozencroft
Audio: mixed from the Touch catalogue

You can see a video about the festival here [Courtesy of the Pasadena Arts Council]

AxS Festival


Dublab Radio | Los Angeles 22nd September 2014

Elevation Through Sound

Mike Harding hosts the show with Alejandro Cohen for Dublab Radio's Elevation Through Sound at 10am on 22nd September 2014

In this first episode of a new series, Mike talks to Michael Esposito (Phantom Airwaves), the EVP researcher...

You can listen to this episode here



Tapeworm 5th Birthday Party | 16th September 2014

I might be doing something at this event at Cafe Oto...

details here


Acoustic City Book Launch | 14th September 2014

from 6pm in the Arcola Bar, Dalston, London
Free and open to all

The evening will mark the London launch of the Acoustic City book edited by Matthew Gandy and BJ Nilsen



Long Wave Series 1 | dublab

Appearing on Los Angeles-based station, dublab, a new series of shows are archived below

1.8 09.09.15 meets... - Yann Novak & Bethan Parkes

1.7 24.06.15 meets... - Paul Haslinger & Hamlet Sarkissian

1.6 25.03.15 meets... - Mark Van Hoen

1.5 21.01.15 meets... - Myke Dodge Weiskopf & BJNilsen

1.4 03.12.14 meets... - Richard Chartier

1.3 27.09.14 meets... - Michael Esposito

1.2. 06.08.14 Elevation Through Sound and 1.1 29.07.14 A Noiseful Joy
(These two episodes are linked together in the archive...)


Current listening...

Jóhann Jóhannsson - Virthulegu Forsetar Live in Oslo

Streaming from Twente, Netherlands: Wide-band WebSDR

and streaming from Los Angeles:


Los Angeles (South Bay) Police and Fire Live Audio Feed

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Long Wave Series 1 | Resonance

Mike Harding hosts a new show, "Long Wave", on resonance104.4fm starting 8th October 2013… continuing for 13 episodes at 2230 UK time each Tuesday (repeated 0430 Wednesdays).

Episode information, playlists, notes and credits are published here. Also Long Wave will be archived here at the end of the series, on New Years Day 2014…

Long Wave Series 1 [2013]

Episode 1 - Phill Niblock | Episode 2 - Spire | Episode 3 - Generator | Episode 4 - The Tapeworm | Episode 5 - Sohrab | Episode 6 - Budhaditya Chattopadhyay | Episode 7 - Storm St. Jude | Episode 8 - Finnbogi Pétursson | Episode 9 - EVP | Episode 10 - Katja Seltmann with Irene Moon | Episode 11 - Tim Maloney | Episode 12 - The Cap Report | Episode 13 - Charlie Campagna

Also, at 10.30pm every day from 23rd December to 3rd January inclusive, the whole series will be repeated, "so the new shows (the last two in the current series [due on 24th December and 31st December] will slot into the entire sequence, a little anti-intuitively perhaps." [Ed Baxter, resonancefm]

Long Wave: suspending time and immersing the listener in a widescreen of sound


About Mike Harding

b. 1957 Devizes, England

Curator & Producer ● Lecturer & Publisher ● Author & Editor ● occasional exhibitions/installations/performances… you can download a full CV here

He has been running the audio-visual label Touch for 30+ years and in this period has acquired much experience and information on disseminating cultural sounds to a wider audience - see also Touch Radio

He also curates Ash International

Images: (please credit if used):

1. by Carl Michael von Hausswolff (high res)
2. by Jana Winderen (low res)
3. by Sandra Jasper (high res)
4. by Ken Hollings (lo res)
5. by David McSherry (hi-res)
6. by Jana Winderen (hi-res)
7. by Jen Boyd (hi-res)


Curator/Producer (since 1982):

Touch 1982-2013+ [including Touch Radio and Touch.30 events] – see list hereSpire 2004-2013+ with Charles Matthews ● KREV X with Thomas Nordanstad, Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm, May 2002 ● Listening Post with Thomas Liljenberg, The Royal Academy, Stockholm, March 2002 ● A Swedish Feast ● with Jerome Remy, Les Borealis, Caen, November 2001 ● HISS with Thomas Nordanstad, Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm, May 2001


Courses/Workshops (since 2001):

with BJNilsen, 2011-3+ The Art of Listening, Transmedia, Brussels ● with Chris Watson, 2012 Wildeye, Norfolk ● with Jana Winderen, 2011 Phonofemme, Vienna ● with Jana Winderen, 2010 Anyangcheong, Seoul ● with Chris Watson, 2008 Atmospheres, London ● with Christian Fennesz, 2005 Guildhall, York ● with Christian Fennesz, 2004 EMS, Stockholm ● with Chris Watson, 2002 Vooruit, Gent ● with Chris Watson, 2001 & 2002 Kungliga Konsthogskolan, Stockholm


Lectures (selected):

Lectured at The London College of Printing ● The School of Fine Art, Caen ● Konsthogskolan Valand, Göteborg ● KTH, Uppsala ● EMS and Konstfach, Stockholm ● NOTAM, Oslo ● Norberg Festival 2006 ● University of York, [Music Masters degree course] ● Ravensbourne College (with Chris Watson) ● Projektskolen, Oslo (with Jana Winderen) ● Saii & The British Council, Seoul ● Atelierhaus der Akadamie der bildenden Künst Wien, Vienna ● KHM, Cologne ● Madeiradig, Madeira ● Leeds Metropolitan University ● Noises Festival @ b-05, Montabaur ●

...and many others...


TV & Radio (since 2007):

Interviews worldwide for Touch.30 throughout 2012 ● Future Places [Radio Futura, Portugal 2010] ● The Suffolk Symphony [BBC, England 2009] ● Sound Stories [RTE, Ireland 2008] ● Ström [SR, Sweden 2008] ● Music Design for Instinct [ITV, England 2007]

…and various radio shows in Italy, UK, USA over the years...


Writing (selected):

Fairy Tales [BFI DVD liner notes], England 2012 ● Conexions [MIC magazine], Norway 2012 ● Botanic Sounds [Festival catalogue], Sweden 2009 ● Ringtones [CD notes, Touch # Tone 14], England 2002

...and for many other websites, magazines, pamphlets and productions...



TS13 Repaired/Replaced [7" vinyl, Touch 2012] • TTW#07 Souls on Board [K7, The Tapeworm 2011]

Contributions to various compilation releases: Tone 33 Touch. 30 years and counting [CD and DLP, Touch 2012] • BFIDVD529 Fairy Tales [3 tracks with Michael Esposito] • End ID [DCD, Digital Narcis 2000] • Antitrade [CD, Ash International 1999] • RRR500 [Vinyl, RRR 1998] • The Acoustic City [Book + CD, jovis Verlag, 2014] • FYLOOP [LP, Fylkingen FYLP 1033]

Contributions to various TouchRadio episodes

He has various nom d'enregistreur: Mike Harding • MSCHarding • Mike Hardin • VENOZTKS (sometimes written as Venoz TKS) • Souls on Board and other anonymous ones...



UK Ambassador of The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland [KREV] ● freq_out & THE FREQ_OUT ORCHESTRA ● FieldThe Eternal Chord



Twitter: venoztks

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